The John C. Stalker Institute
of Food and Nutrition

at Framingham State University

About the John C. Stalker Institute

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Students must go to school with their minds and bodies ready to take advantage of the learning environment schools work so hard to prepare. The school environment plays a vital role in shaping students' nutritional health throughout their growing years and into their adult lives. The programs offered by the Institute support schools in their efforts to integrate nutrition education, wellness policy goals, and services into comprehensive health education, food service, school health, and physical education programs.

The audience for the Institute includes school food program directors, managers, and production/service staff; teachers of health, family and consumer sciences, physical education and biology; child care providers; school nurses; and other professionals working to improve the nutritional health of Massachusetts' school children.


The John C. Stalker Institute is the creative entity and force to lead Massachusetts school and child nutrition professionals in forward thinking, growth, education, and development to address the needs of the whole child.

Mission Statement

The John C. Stalker Institute of Food and Nutrition uses current research and technology to educate and inform Massachusetts professionals concerned with child nutrition and healthy nutrition environments.


In May 1988, the John C. Stalker Institute was dedicated as a source of education for food service directors, managers, and workers. Our Mission changed in 1996 to include all school professionals. Since 1988 a variety of workshops have been provided for both educators and food service staff. In 2013, the John C. Stalker Institute of Food and Nutrition celebrated 25 years! Take a visual tour of the history of the Institute with the JSI Timeline.

Mr. John C. Stalker

John C. Stalker photo John C. Stalker was the Director of the Massachusetts Bureau of Nutrition Education and School Food Services between 1945 and 1982. He devoted his life to the betterment of nutrition education and school food service and was responsible for expanding the Child Nutrition Programs in schools throughout Massachusetts and instrumental in the passage of the National School Lunch Act of 1946.

He held many offices in national professional organizations and his dedication to school nutrition is legendary across the country. Today his dream continues to be nurtured and cultivated by those he touched and mentored. Since 1988, programs offered by the John C. Stalker Institute continue his legacy and build upon the foundation he established.