The John C. Stalker Institute
of Food and Nutrition

at Framingham State University

Welcome to the help files for
JSI Recipe Analysis Tool

This application lets you create recipes from an ingredient database and analyzes the recipes to determine if they meet the Massachusetts School Nutrition Standards for Competitive Foods and Beverages and USDA Smart Snacks in School Standards.

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Recipe Analysis home page

From the recipe analysis home page, you can:

  1. Access your user profile
  2. Open the list of available recipes (More about recipes)
  3. Open the list of available ingredients (More about ingredients)
  4. Manage your groups (More about groups)

If you have certain administrative responsibilities, you may see other functions on the home page as well.

Getting more help

On many of the pages, you may see blue help buttons like this one ?.   Click that button to get help with the item that it is next to.

Additionally, Help at the top-right of the page on the navigation menu opens these help files.


If you are just getting started, you may want to read the Tutorial.